3M DUST MASK AURA 9322+ FFP2 10 Pcs



3M DUST MASK AURA 9322+ FFP2 10 Pcs
3M ™ Aura ™ 9322+
the series disposable dust mask 9332+ is comfortable and practical without compromising performance.
Using 3M’s innovative new low-resistance filter technology
you can breathe through your face mask with less effort.
The 3M ™ Aura ™ 9322+ is equipped with a perforated top panel that helps
to make the glasses fog less due to hot and humid exhalation air.
Protects against dust and other particles that occur in a wide range
industrial environments and other work situations where FFP2 protection
is required (Filter Face Piece, Level 2 = Medium)

Filter technology with low breath resistance:

Provides efficient and safe filtration as well as low breath resistance to facilitate breathing and improve comfort.
Well-thought-out 3-panel design: Fits a wide range of facial shapes and sizes Enables larger

face movements during speech and is far more comfortable to wear Easy to store when it

do not use Comfortably and nicely without compromising performance.

Shaped nose clip:

Curved low profile design Adapts well to the shape of the nose and eyes Helps to create a good field of view Makes it easier to wear glasses

Innovative garden strap: Designed to make it easy to put on the mask and help to create a comfortable fit

Elevated top panel: Minimizes the flow of hot and humid exhaled air through the top panel Helps reduce dew formation on glasses

3M ™ Cool Flow ™ Valve: Effectively removes heat and moisture and makes the mask more cool and comfortable to use.

Discharges exhaled air and minimizes the risk of dew formation on glasses

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